Community Enhancement

Projects & Activities

Committee Chair Person- Gary Smith

The Aptos Community Enhancement Committee meets once a month and provides support and solutions for issues within the Aptos Community.

Current Projects:

Art in Aptos

A branch of the Community Enhancement Committee which sponsors mural projects around Aptos to combat grafitti and give local artists a way to showcase their talent

Graffiti Task Force

A new sub-committee chaired by Sgt. Shea Johnson , Aptos Sheriff’s Service Center

Community Enhancement Awards

September 2007 Dave Vincent, Superintendent, California State Parks, Santa Cruz
For service to the community through Santa Cruz State Parks.
June 2007 Rich McGinnis and Sarah Unger, owners of the Seabreeze Building in Rio Del Mar
For bringing the historic building back from years of disrepair.
May 2007 Aptos/La Selva Fire District Aquatics Rescue Team and
California State Parks Beach Lifeguards
For rescue efforts on Santa Cruz County Beaches
April 2007 Barry Samuel
For outstanding service to the community as Director of the Santa Cruz County Parks Department.
March 2007 Sgt. Shea Johnson
For development of the Aptos Graffiti Abatement Program and to Coast Commercial Bank for funding the program with a $500 donation.
January 2007 Lewis Tree Service
For 5 years of decorating the Aptos Village tree for the Tree Lighting.
December 2006 Laura Crosser, Arturo Thomae and Aptos/La Selva Fires Station #3
For community enhancement through local art.
November 2006 Jean Anderson Seascape CERT
September 2006 Aptos History Museum
June 2006 Dick and Heidi Garwood
For volunteer work on Aptos History Museum
Dr. Mary Anne Mays
For exlempary service to the community through PVUSD.
May 2006 Kathy and Joe Appenrodt
For the New building in Aptos Village.
April 2006 Susan McGorden and Kimberly Hardin
For Art in Aptos.
March 2006 Elizabeth and Marq Lipton
For graffiti removal.
Robert and Marilyn Hoyt
For graffiti removal.
January 2006 Rio Del Mar Elementary School
For designation as a “Blue Ribbon” school

Aptos Village Plan

This is the current updated version of the 1985 plan. It will be agendized for a future Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors meeting. View Plan

Seacliff Village

View Plan
MacGregor Property –View preview of St. John’s Baptist Church

Hemingway Skateboard Park
Rio Del Mar Traffic Circle
Par 3 Development Issues
Local Signage